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Facilitating Inter-Organisational Relationships

SHAPE support the development of high class relationships. We add value in the gaps between the various parties to a relationship providing groundbreaking collaborative processes and a different kind of expertise that make a huge difference to relationships. Increasingly we find ourselves facilitating the development of effective internal relationships between divisions or departments of the same organisation.

The SHAPE approach is always to support our clients - facilitating and mentoring rather than prescribing. We take great pride in modelling good relationships in the way we conduct all our activities. We design and facilitate short series of customised events based around a set of assumptions and beliefs which have developed over time and are informed by both theory and good practice.

In our experience:

  • The health of the relationship between business partners influences business success every bit as much as price, quality and delivery performance.

  • The way things are done impacts on the quality of a relationship and its outputs, just as much as what is done.

  • No two relationships are alike and every one benefits from regular care and attention.

  • A nucleus of key players shape and carry a relationship and their actions and behaviour define the nature and quality of the relationship between and within their organisations.

  • Key players’ perceptions of ‘what makes a difference’ to a relationship are critical, but are seldom shared or discussed openly.

  • Hidden assumptions and cultural understandings are a source of serious misunderstandings at commercially critical interfaces between organisations. Surfacing these understandings and enabling constructive dialogue can transform difficult relationships into mutually beneficial ties.

We take pride in adapting our approach to suit each particular sector and, more importantly, the specific relationship-building needs of our clients. We are totally committed to making a difference for both parties. We use well proven processes, simple visual outputs, and natural stimuli for change.

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