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Facilitating Customised Executive Development Events

Alongside the development of language for describing and understanding business relationships, members of the SHAPE team have created and perfected a unique portfolio of proprietary concepts, tools, processes and frameworks that are essential for understanding and enhancing inter-organisational relationships. These include:

  • The Seven Measurable Dimensions of Relationships TM which encapsulate and organise the many criteria that are found in the literature to describe business relationships

  • The RelationShape ImpressionTMwhich enables key players in a relationship to create a simple visual representation of the degree of fit between the relationship they have and the one they aspire to

  • The RelationShape ProcessTM which enables key players from a major project to jointly identify, review and improve its critical behavioural aspects

  • The Relationship ExplorerTMwhich provides a mechanism for businesses and their partners to jointly explore the nature of their relationship, establish how well it supports the strategy of their businesses, highlight areas where action is called for, and develop improvement plans to transform it.

We create and deliver customised events designed to educate rather than merely train the key players in a relationship. We expose participants to the latest thinking and practice across the full relationship life cycle, introduce individual elements of the SHAPE Portfolio and equip participants to make a difference to both soft and hard dimensions of their relationships. Recent events have focussed on:

  • Understanding the differences between Arms Length and Arms Linked relationships

  • Determining the cultural fit of an existing or a potential partner

  • Exploring the impact of a contract on a relationship

  • Identifying what will delight and dissatisfy the other party to a relationship

  • Understanding the softer side of interpersonal relationships

  • Identifying which types of organisation you will fit well with - or poorly with

  • Identifying opportunities for differentiation through soft issues and processes

  • Developing approaches for measuring relationships, and

  • Quantifying and mitigating Relational Risk in major projects

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