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Making the Difference

The success of commercial and governmental organisations today is inextricably bound up in their relationships with their partners, suppliers, government agencies and clients. Excellent relationships will not guarantee project success but poor ones will almost certainly lead to failure.

Our research in many sectors has shown that the quality of a project and its outcome are heavily dependent upon the quality of the overarching relationships between the various organisations engaged in the project. The health of a relationship exerts a strong influence over the results a project can deliver, yet while organisations put a lot of time and attention into managing projects, they typically only pay lip service to their relationships.

SHAPE has long-standing successful relationships with an impressive list of clients in many sectors of industry across the United Kingdom, Europe, Scandinavia, the Far East and the USA. Our client work with executives responsible for overseeing major projects and managing important relationships has taken us into all the major business sectors from manufacturing, outsourcing, professional sport, social services, construction and defence to aerospace, entertainment, financial services, transportation, telecommunications, utilities, health care and national and local government.

Our work has led to some impressive results in major organisations, in situations where clarity of understanding between suppliers and providers can make the difference between success and failure and between profit and loss.

Fruitful and enduring relationships hold the key to sustained growth, increased value in the supply chain, enhanced productivity and profit, and the creation of long-term competitive advantages that cannot easily be copied. In addition our clients have consistently noted the returns which flow from improved relationships:

  • Shifts in behaviour and trust

  • Stronger, more fruitful inter-organisational cooperation

  • Release of untapped energies and enthusiasm from the combined team

  • Enhanced capacity for problem resolution, and

  • Reduced costs, shared savings and new opportunities

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